tree house in the city

tree house in the city

About this project

The beautiful, mature trees on the site shaped this project from the beginning of the design process and continue to play with the light, sounds and colours in the home throughout the day and the seasons.
The quiet front facade takes cues from the vernacular of the neighbourhood while a glowing, glassy corner signals the main entry. A feature stair and bookcase invites guests to the upper floor where the primary living spaces enjoy the leafy canopy and the views to the lake. High windows and skylights bring in dappled light, and a custom pendant fixture of coloured glass filters light and views through the entry hall and into the kitchen. The more private rear facade opens with large sliding doors, decks and patios on three levels for lake-side living and dining.

Photography: RĂ©mi Carreiro
Builder: Walden Homes
Interior Design: Four Blocks South


Date:  September 6, 2022
Location:  Toronto ON