From The Ground Up!

December 6, 2012

Often, we’ve come across people who wonder what it’s like to work with an architect on their project and whether they should have people like us involved. Perhaps the profession as a whole comes across as somewhat inaccessible or maybe our role seems superfluous, but we sometimes find ourselves trying to pitch the value of our involvement in a project.

Of course, we really do believe that we can transform good ideas into great projects. Putting spaces together and making great projects is what we love to do.

To this end, we’ve decided to write a series of blog posts that document the ongoing design process we’re working through with our clients for the River House. Joseph has kindly allowed us to share progress as the design takes shape.

We’re designing their new, ultra-modern house for a fantastic site near a lovely river. It’s a really exciting project to be involved in. For now, follow us on Twitter at @blackLABinc for updates…