A Wall Of 50k Tees

February 11, 2012

The four of us were coddled around what was (at the time) serving as our temporary desk, contemplating our next move, having just begun this exciting journey in starting our own architecture practice.

The office space was a working progress, with plans for a uber-grand custom desk with an integrated projector to boot! It seemed that the mammoth task of finishing the basics of what would form our office wasn’t enough though…surely there was another project we could undertake to fill more of our time…as well as something to fill the giant white wall that was staring us down!

(It was at this point that we should have been taken to one side and categorized as clinically insane!)

Looking back, it could have been a simple graphic, completed in a day or so, but no no, we wanted to be noticed, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something that couldn’t easily be googled and seen a hundred times over!

So along it came; the idea of a lifetime (or at least it seemed that way)!

We decided to use an aerial photo of our local neighbourhood as the backdrop, which seemed okay until one of us suggested that it should be depicted in golf tees (this person shall remain un-named). Anyway, this seemed fine at the time, but once we realized we’d need over 50,000 tees it became quite a different story…

Not to be dismayed we pushed on thinking that at a tee every few seconds we’d be done in no time at all! Well, it quickly became apparent that a tee every few seconds wasn’t all that feasible!

In summary, a month or so has passed and the four of us enjoy a daily view of a semi complete wall! We expect to write a post sometime later this year (or next) that shares with you the rest of this quite amazing journey of sweat and tears, with a picture of a tee wall in all its “finished” glory…