Alpine Residence Initial Concepts

June 16, 2015

We are currently working through three initial concepts for our new Alpine Residence.

Located between Collingwood and Thornbury, each proposal looks to take advantage of panoramic views across the escarpment and ski hills to the south and elevated views over Georgian Bay to the north.

The orientation and general layout of each scheme intentionally differs from one to the other, with each proposal discussing various scenarios. It is our intent early on to engage in a broad conversation with our clients about the numerous possibilities available, and to assist in filtering through these options in order to find a best fit to further develop and refine.

The focus at this stage of this project has been to address and incorporate the bigger picture moves. Relationships to the surrounding landscape, as well as more intimate internal views across courtyard spaces and experiences through a series of internal volumes are key components in realizing the general direction for the scheme.

As the design process unfolds we will continue to upload progress updates depicting how the project has evolved.