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April 4, 2017

2017 OAA Awards: Best Emerging Practice Winner!

We are extremely honoured to have won the Ontario Association of Architects 2017 Best Emerging Practice Award! Since blackLAB architects inc.’s inception in 2012, we have been fortunate enough to work on a number of exciting and diverse …

April 3, 2017

Alpine Residence Update

Here are a few updated photos of our Alpine Residence which we visited late last week. Things are really beginning to come together now!

March 28, 2017

Sunnylea Residence Wins 2017 BILD Award

We were excited to learn that the 2017 BILD Awards recognized Lewitt Construction for their great work constructing our sunnylea residence. They were the winners of the “Best Renovation more than $500,000” award! …

December 22, 2016

Midtown House Update

Cladding and landscaping are progressing at our midtown house project. Interior finishes are under way.

November 2, 2016

Modern Farmhouse

The pitched rooflines are in place and the living and bedroom wings surround the courtyard at the Grey Highlands Residence.

October 21, 2016

Great Progress At Our Alpine Residence

This past week has seen some real progress on our Alpine Residence with exterior wall framing underway, which seems to have really helped in defining the buildings mass. We’re excited …

September 22, 2016

Grey Highlands Residence Taking Shape

Steel is going up at our Grey Highlands Residence project. This defines the airy main living spaces and gives a sense of the overall shape of the building. The aerial …

September 7, 2016

Ravenna Addition

Our wonderful clients sent along these photos of their project as it nears completion. We worked with them to create an addition that expands the living space at their existing …

August 30, 2016

Schematic Design Renderings…

Here are a few updated schematic design renderings of our Leaside Residence. Things are coming along nicely with the main spaces and overall aesthetic intent pretty well defined. We’ll update our …

August 18, 2016

Office Space Nears Completion

Here are a few up to date photographs of an office space we designed for a sportswear specialist in the Etobicoke area. The project is getting close to completion…

August 15, 2016

Steel Has Arrived…

We were up on site this past week to check in on the progress at our Alpine Residence. As you can see from the photographs the steel frame is close …

August 5, 2016

Finishing Touches…

We were excited to visit our North York Residence recently. Everything was looking great, with the last few landscaping elements pencilled in for completion in the coming few weeks! We look …

August 4, 2016

Open Concept…

The roof is off and the existing floors are one by one being removed and replaced with new TJI’s to suit the revised interior layout. Things are really beginning to …

July 12, 2016

Toronto Life Feature…

We’re really excited to be featured in Toronto Life’s ‘Best Of The City’ 2016 special edition magazine issue, within their ‘best architects and designers’ segment!

July 8, 2016

Getting Ready For Some Steel…

The foundation was poured and formwork stripped this past week at our Alpine Residence. All of those little pockets now await the arrival of a steel frame!

June 22, 2016

Vu de l’intérieur Feature

A few last minute preparations are underway at our Sunnylea Residence with filming for Vu de l’intérieur underway this afternoon!

June 22, 2016

Footings Poured…

Things are coming along nicely at our Alpine Residence, near Collingwood. Carter Allen Ltd have just coordinated the footing pour and are now readying themselves for forming the foundation walls…we’ll keep …

June 1, 2016

Bright Reno Taking Shape

Light is streaming in and bouncing off the new drywall at our renovation in Oakville. We are excited to see this project taking shape.

May 27, 2016

Demolition Work Begins…

Demolition work began on site this week at our Roncesvalles Residence. The home is to be fully gutted and refinished to the interior. The existing sunroom to the rear (photographed above) …

March 17, 2016

White Model Effect…

We’re having a little fun playing around with the ‘white model effect’ rendering settings in our Alpine Residence file. It’ll be exciting to begin construction on this project this spring!

February 26, 2016

Sunnylea Residence Home Tour

We’re pretty excited to see our Sunnylea Residence now uploaded to House and Home’s home tour webpage! Here’s the link if you fancy checking it out: Sunnylea House and Home Tour …

February 3, 2016

House and Home Tour…

It’s all go today at our Sunnylea Residence with @HouseandHome shooting a video tour and interview which will be up on their website later this month!

January 12, 2016

Designlines Feature…

We’re really excited to see our Sunnylea Residence on the cover of Designline’s Spring 2016 issue! Thanks also to Kathryn Hayward who did a great job writing the feature article and …

December 23, 2015

A Few New Renderings…

As we enter into the later stages of design we’re now working through a few more polished renderings of our Alpine Residence; heres a quick peek…

November 10, 2015

A New Garage…

Our Park Lawn Residence now has a garage! In the spirit of the house it has been clad in standing seam metal siding. The doors and windows are soon to …

November 10, 2015

North York Residence Nearing Completion!

We stopped by our North York Residence yesterday and things were looking great! With the exception of landscaping and a few interior and exterior finishes the house is nearing occupancy. …

August 21, 2015

Sunnylea residence now occupied!

Our Sunnylea project is now complete, and was looking nice first thing this morning as the sun peeked through the trees…

July 14, 2015

Millwork Nearing Completion!

Jason and his team at JTI Design of Clarksburg, Ontario have been working hard to get the millwork installed at our Sunnylea Addition project. Things are getting really close with …

June 24, 2015

Queen-West Residence Updates

We’re working through a few minor amendments to our Queen-West Residence. Here are a couple of sketch renderings of the revised exterior, showing a couple of tweaks to the window and …

June 16, 2015

Alpine Residence Initial Concepts

We are currently working through three initial concepts for our new Alpine Residence. Located between Collingwood and Thornbury, each proposal looks to take advantage of panoramic views across the escarpment and ski …

Our Process

blackLAB architects inc. is a multidisciplinary architecture firm. We value the importance of the client-architect relationship and seek to understand and interpret your ideas, being conscious to convey viable solutions on every project undertaken.

Working as a collective whole with you the client, as well as with contractors and consultants throughout the design process is something that blackLAB feels is critical in delivering a quality product that meets your expectations and emphasizes all facets that are important to you.

We have extensive experience working in several areas of architecture including on commercial and institutional projects. However, our main focus and area of specialty is within the custom residential field, having designed and delivered a range of urban and rural projects.

At blackLAB we seek to harmonize our designs within their natural environments through careful and thorough analysis of the project site. We maintain that every project should be contextually sensitive drawing upon site specific data that can facilitate a fluidity and intentionally fresh feel to a proposal.

We believe that a building’s edge should bridge the gap between interior and exterior environments. To this end on every project we work to devise solutions that can capture this with clean contemporary lines, and above all a fundamental respect for flexible, functional and habitable space.

We use the most advanced design tools available to our profession to effectively communicate and deliver our projects. As well as producing high quality drawing sets for permits and construction, we develop each of our projects as a virtual 3D model as we design. The life-like images and walkthroughs we produce allow you to fully participate throughout the entire design process, make informed decisions, and ultimately have a clear understanding of what the final experience of the building will be.

We approach each project with fresh eyes as we are continually educating ourselves on new products and materials, the latest in building technologies and are on top of what is happening in the design community.

A typical project undertaken by our office consists of four phases of work. The following summarizes some of the key components of each phase:

1. Establishing A Vision:

• establish an initial project budget and client wish list
• collect and analyze project/site data
• measure-up any existing buildings
• create a 3D model of existing site
• analyze zoning regulations, building codes and other applicable law
• identify any other applicable governing bodies

2. Developing An Idea:

• define building placement and orientation relative to views and sun path
• define spatial layouts
• define relationships between interior and exterior spaces
• prepare a 3D model of the building design
• determine the overall direction and big moves of the project
• ongoing work is informed by applicable codes, by-laws, and budget

3. Shaping The Vision:

• develop design ideas and demonstrate concepts through drawings, sketches, and 3D models
• integrate construction methods and materials to create the experience or feel of the spaces
• consult with engineers ensuring all building systems are compatible with the design intent
• review the design with the contractor to ensure the design and budget are compatible

4. Putting It On Paper:

• coordinate structural and mechanical design with architectural drawings
• develop detailed drawings of key interior spaces
• review the design with the contractor to ensure the design is compatible with the budget
• identify and navigate the approvals process for your project
• finalize building permit and construction packages

About Us

blackLAB architects inc. was founded by three talented architects, licenced by the Ontario Association of Architects, and an effective and qualified business manager.

We create buildings that are responsive and adaptive. Our buildings breathe and grow in their equally dynamic cultural and physical environments. We believe that architecture and its environment has a symbiotic relationship, each learning from the other.

We are innovative and agile. Each team member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. We have valuable and extensive experience to offer while continuing to challenge our industry’s conventions.

We connect. Each blackLAB team member is involved in the project from beginning to end, ensuring a continuity to the team communication and design consistency in the execution of the project.

We are inspired. We approach each project from first principals and are continually educating ourselves on new products, technologies, and are up on what is happening in the design community.

We are knowledgeable. We have a thorough understanding of how buildings go together and the construction process thanks to our unique construction experience and well-established connections in the building industry.

We are adept at providing a complete package of services ranging from feasibility studies and master plans, through to the construction administration of the final product.

We can also help you to connect with contractors and trades to provide input during the design phases and facilitate the construction.

How To Contact Us

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